Update: 2014 Blue Hills Classic moving to a different location

Due to road conditions on the course, we have made the decision to move the race to a different location. This was a tough decision to make, but safety is our top priority. The race will be run as a crit and use the Tuesday night course at Wompatuck. It will require that we make a few changes to the event. Please read through the following the changes.

The 2014 Blue Hills Classic will be run as a criterium, now called The Mt. Blue Crit presented by The Blue Hills Cycling Club. All races will be 50min in duration.

Field limits will be decreased to 50 per field. Since the Cat 4 and 5 fields are sold out with 100 riders in each, we will run two Cat 5 and two Cat 4 races. They will be divided based on team (similar to Battenkill).

Master’s Racers – I will separate you into your appropriate age group. If you’re 50+ and would rather race with the 40+, please let me know.

The change also allows us to offer a couple more races. This is the new race schedule.

-       8:00am – Cat 5 A

-       9:00am – Cat 5 B

-       10:00am – Cat 4 A

-       11:00am – Cat 4 B

-       12:00pm – Masters 40+

-       1:00pm – Masters 50+

-       2:00pm – Cat 1/2/3

-       3:00pm – Women Cat 1-4

All of the category shuffling and sorting will be accomplished soon. We completely understand that these changes might not align with your schedule or priorities. If you would prefer a refund, please let me know.

For the race it self, we will still offer the great race service that The Blue Hills Cycling Club is known for. Cash prizes will still be awarded 5 deep in all races (except for Cat 5s, USAC rules not ours). We will also be offering cash primes. The course will have a wheel pit and camera at the finish.

Parking will be available on the entrance road, Union St, at the Spring, and at the Transfer Station (across from the spring parking lot).

All information will be up on BikeReg very soon, with maps, directions, schedules, etc.

Volunteers – With the change in venue and format we will be changing the volunteer positions. To make things easy, all volunteers will be “removed” from the registration and the new positions will be added.  Once the new positions are added, please feel free to sign up for any available position. Positions will be offered in shifts so you can race and volunteer as well.

Another Boston Marathon Ride In The Books and Racing Continues!



BHCC had another succesfull ride along the Boston Marathon Route this Marathon Monday. 6 Mountain Bikers hit the dirt at the 2nd stop of the Root 66 Race series while Johnathan Doller led the CAT 4 Team to a podium finish at the Mystic Velo Criterium. You can read about their race reports here in our forum.

Rocky Woods Lung Challenge, Taunton, MA April 19th, 2014
Pete MacLeod Pro Open 999
Pete Werner Men CAT 1 30-39 7/17
Scott Taylor Men CAT 2 40-49 5/22
Tucker Walsh Men CAT 2 40-49 8/22
Ted Myles Men CAT 3 40-49 4/7
Rick Doherty Men CAT 3 40+ 7/7
Richard Walsh Men CAT 3 50+ 6/7


Mystic Velo Criterium, April 19th, 2014
Jonathan Doller Men Cat 4 Open 3/36
Michael O’donnell Men Cat 4 Open 8/36
Austin Guyette Men Cat 5 Open 8/15


Cat 4 Team Survives Myles Standish, Mountain Bikers Hit the Root 66 Season Opener at Hopbrook Dam

Two major crashes during the Myles Standish CAT 4 Race resulted in the dispatch of ambulances to tend to the wounded. A few BHCC racers got caught in the crash but fortunately none were wounded.


Myles Standish State Forest Road Race (Apr 13 2014)
Ari Shocket Men MASTER 35+ 17 / 38
Brian Albert Men C5 9 / 40
Scott Harrington Men C5 16 / 40
Michael O’donnell Men C4 13 / 45
Algis Norkevicius Men C4 16 / 45
Jonathan Doller Men C4 19 / 45
Nate Sievers Men C4 26 / 45
Adam Shutes Men C4 37 / 45
Kioko Mwosa Men C4 42 / 45




Three Riders headed down to Hop Brook Dam MTB Race for official launch of the Root 66 Race Series . You can check out their race reports in the forum.

Hop Brook Dam, Middlebury CT April 13th, 2014
Pete MacLeod Pro Open 9/25
Philip Golden Men C2 40-49 6/29
Richard Walsh Men C3 50+ 3/3